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What is the point of seminars and coaching?

We live in a time in which collective consciousness can no longer be separated from individual consciousness. That is, personal development has an influence on collective development and, on the other hand, collective consciousness has an influence on personality development. What is happening outside us at the moment of course has an influence on each one of us.

According to psychologists and neurologists, without personality development we will keep on reaching back to old, set patterns of behavior from our childhood or, even worse, to prehistoric ones. These include fleeing, killing, and playing dead.
Through coaching, the clients can expand on their behavior pattern, working out another range of possibilities for behavior and decisions even for extreme circumstances.

As we live in a time that demands operating at a fast pace while things become ever more complex, I consider it certainly desirable to have more than only 1 or 2 patterns of behavior at our disposal!

Time and again I find it touching how much individuals can do in the world with so little – and also how so many people can end up benefitting.
Moreover, it also something like a “sacred moment” for me when people connect with their own abilities within a very short time – and then grow and become stronger.
My coaching is not about blockades but about activating resources and the resources are in every person, always and everywhere.

Leila Adjemi

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